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BOQ Management

Bill Of Quantities (BOQ)

Bill of Quantities serves as a basis of detailed breakdown of work scope, quantity and cost of labour and materials. In the BOQ this will be the basis of Contract agreement of the Client and the Contractor's work description/scope.

Functions of BOQ:

BOQ assist contractor in formulation of their tender

BOQ assist in the valuing of progress payment and variation works. During post-contract stage BOQ will facilitate variation orders management by providing a sound, common basis for the valuation and assessment of variations.

The function of BOQ can further be expanded in enabling the creation the creation of price database which proof to be useful for future estimating and can be interrogated as a financial management tools in Construction.

BOQ Serves as:

  • A break down of the tenderd price, with no contractual status, but providing information for the selection from tenderers.
  • An estimate measure of the work for the tendered price, to be used to arrive at a revised contract price once the actual quantities of work carried out are measured.
  • A schedule of rates as the contract basis for valuing variations in the work.
  • A basis for measure of the value of work competed for interim payments.