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Admin and Master

Admin and Master

This is the Admin module where you will be creating your company account. All the details about your company will be entered through this form.

Branch Creation

General details, registration details and other details of the branch or divison of your company could be entered through this form.

Employee Creation

You can create your employee details using this form. Rights for your employees as per the responsibilities they have been entrusted with can be assigned through this module. You can also define the time duration and number of days on which the employees will be working.

Workflow Configuration

You can set the target for employees as per their role. Work flow of the employees will be automatically notified to the reporting authority.

Vouchure Configuration

You can create your own style of vouchure number using date wise, Month wise, Numeric or Alpha Numeric options.

Report (Role Wise report and Employee Wise Report)

You will able to see and print employee-wise report.

Also role-wise report of each employee

Client Master

Client master enable you to keep the complete information of the client including credit information, term and condition, billing dispatch information and general details.

Supplier Master

Supplier Master help you to keep complete information of your suppiler including billing and dispatch, Bank Details, Credit Information and term tagging.

Item Master

You can hire the resource as per the requirement. System will automatically generate the hiring rate as per the resource. System will calculate total amount depend upon number of resource, type of resource and number of days.

Warehouse Master

Complete information on warehouse can be stored through this master.

Add on Master

The form allows the user to input project-wise add on with a detailed decription.

Assemble Master

Use this form to keep assemble details with material details, Installation details and document checklist.