Ask the Expert

Is the Cloud ERP model faster and cheaper to deploy?

Yes, it is absolutely correct that Cloud ERP model is much faster and easier to implement than a conventional ERP system. Having said that, companies must also remember that an ERP strategy still has to include comprehensive business process mapping, data cleansing, organizational change management, end-user training and a number of other activities to ensure your organization achieves the highest possible ROI.


When considering the cost factor Cloud ERP could bring a big relief to organizations as the cost structure of cloud ERP is quite different than a conventional ERP system. With Cloud ERP companies can pay for yearly subscription for the system rather than paying one lump sum up-front.


It is also an advantage for companies that when they choose the Cloud version of ERP application there will be no extra hardware requirement, no maintenance hassles, no investment and no need of an IT team to run the system. Over and above, Cloud ERP model allows the companies to choose the only modules they required with per user payment option. Another advantage eresource Cloud ERP model is it is also scalable.

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