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Best practice of ERP is best suited for Lean organizations

In today's highly competitive business world, industries need a strong and reliable software application that will support their complete business process. In this scenario, web-based eresource ERP is becoming a driving force for these companies. eresource ERP system is getting smarter with its new innovations and each implementations. The recent introduction of exclusive ERP systems for different industrial verticals such as Manufacturing, Construction, Pharmaceuticals, Sales and Trading and Logistic Management have acclaimed acceptance among the large and small companies in these respective industry space.

It is a widely accepted that with the use of eresource ERP, there is a tremendous change in the way organizations used to operate. The concept of using ERP system only by big companies faded away with the wide usage of user-friendly affordable ERP system like eresource ERP. Earlier It was believed that ERP was meant only for the big companies. That is because almost all the leading ERP system available in the market were mainly developed their application to suit these big organizations.

eresource has developed its products such as nfra ERP, Xcel ERP, LifeScience ERP, eTrade ERP and other PMS and HRMS system keeping view of all industrial verticals and its working specifications in mind. Although all our ERP system are developed to suit every type of industry irrespective of its size, our main target audience are the Medium and Small Scale industries from almost all industrial verticals.

Our products, which are all Web-based applications, have unique functionality with its dynamic modeling. All our systems have been incorporated with all the necessary modules that are required for the functioning of each organization's department with its latest functionalities.

It is also important that small and medium sized organizations must consider using the web-based ERP solution instead of outdated legacy systems or other traditional ERP system. While selecting an ERP, the manager must make decisions based not only on vendors supply and customer's demand, but on vendor's projections and customers' expectations.

Small and medium-sized businesses are the major beneficiaries of ERP system and they are the main force that pushed the ERP growth in India. Today, companies are moving from best-of-breed to a best-for-business approach, implying that they prefer extensions to their existing ERP for applications like planning and optimization, business intelligence and knowledge management. This has resulted in emergence of ERP systems that we developed, an effective web-based ERP package.

The requirements of each company differ in terms of standard industry practices and unique practices. eresource caters to every need of an organization. All our systems are integrated with componentized solutions with standard modules and specific functionality to address the unique process.