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Manufacturing & Planning

Manufacturing, Planning and Control Module in eresource ERP optimizes the utilization of manufacturing capacity, parts, components and material resources using historical production data and sales forecasting.

Planning right from Sales until Production will be available to the Management on a click of a button. The Planning module comprises of Forecasting based on Weighted Average, Multi Level Production Planning, Inventory and Material Planning, Capacity Planning, etc.

Department Wise Machine Setup

Machine Allocation Details

Machine Product Relation

Master Shift Master

Product Process Relation

Multilevel BOM Process Wise

Multilevel BOM Process Wise Cont..

Contract Employee Shift Allotment Details

Shift Allotment Details

Batch Creation

Job Card

Job Card Cont..

Job Work Followup Details

Job Work Followup Details

Job Work Issue Details

Job Work Issue Details Cont..

Job Work Receipt Details

Job Work Receipt Details Cont...

Batch Production Completion.

Job Work Rework Inward

Stock Inward Note