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Why some people think ROI on ERP is low?

Organizations should not wait for an embarrassing and potentially devastating event to find out that security controls in their ERP systems are inadequate. To overcome this risk organizations need to implement an appropriate access strategy.

As businesses grow, information systems support whole communities of users like customers, suppliers, partners and employees, who all count on the secure exchange of a wide variety of information to place orders, pay bills and keep records up to date.

Customers, vendors, partners and employees all need access to the right ERP information at the right time and, increasingly, from anywhere. Yet these users work on many different systems and access data from multiple locations. All have different passwords and authorizations.

Organizations must not only manage the security issues of your own employees, but also increasingly those of customers, suppliers and other business partners.

eresource ERP addresses your security needs in authentication, access control and user management. An integrated solution identifies the user, determines what the user can do, determine the level of trust the user should receive, protects your data.

Our ERP security specialists have the expertise, tools and methodologies to make sure that your eresource ERP system includes a cost-effective security approach that dovetails with your firewall, virus scanner, spam control and tape backup systems.