ERP for Power Transmission & Industrial Substation

An ERP system for Industrial Substation is a unique concept and eresource has designed it Nfra ERP system to suit every functions of this vertical.

Though it is still not clear about the term ‘substation’ and this has been used loosely throughout industrial facilities. Nfra ERP system has been developed to manage as per the guidelines and facilities that are followed by every major industry. Substation and electrical infrastructure projects for utility and industrial customers face a number of challenges in today's environment.

Increasing demand and workload peaks, number of statutory regulations, and an aging workforce and infrastructure serve as drivers for outsourcing these complex projects.
An industry that looks very complex in nature of work, it is bound to face many challenges from its working areas. The work process in Industrial substation sector is always bound to face these challenges from initial project planning to the execution. Working together with suppliers, contractors calls for a high degree of visibility on cash flow, pricing and regulatory compliance all these activities are to be managed efficiently for a profitable and successful growth.

Efficiently integrated ERP system for work process

eresource Nfra our ERP system developed for Industrial Substation, eliminates all paper work and manual process inefficiencies and enables all your business data getting processed electronically. Being a cloud-based and web browser-based ERP system, eresource Nfra helps you work from anywhere at any time. All the users and decisions makers are given right to work and check permitted information on real-time basis, work process and decision making becomes easy. This time saving advantage helps quick implementation of decision taken which ultimately helps the growth your business.

In eresource Nfra ERP system, all the important modules that are essentially required to manage your work process are integrated systematically. The system has been developed with an easy to use and quick to understand interface that will make the working system more comfortable for the users.


Benefits galore

Our system for industrial substation will help the customer to generate accurate and timely invoices based on work completed and get accurate results on project costs. The system has comprehensive multi-site Project Management capabilities and it provides details of the daily progress of each sites, full accounting details including the petty cash, details of material management, a clear vision of warehouse management, movement of heavy machines, managing receivables and payables, etc.

With the implementation of eresource Nfra ERP system for your work process, industrial substation companies could manage extensive industry, technical and project management experience. They could also efficiently manage and have benefits of:

  • Excel BOQ Upload
  • Estimation Management
  • Awarded -Work Order
  • Centralized Drawing documents
  • Site Survey – Quantity Take off
  • Labour Attendance Management
  • Site Expense on Approval
  • Tools Tracking Management
  • Project Delay Report
  • Project Kick Start
  • Project Planning Management -Excess Qty Approval
  • Budget intimation & Alert
  • Project Budgeting – Material, Labour, Site Expense
  • Material Planning & Procurement Management
  • Daily Progress Report
  • Bills pending for Certification from Client
  • Project wise Cash Flow
  • Measurement of work done by Contractor Project wise Profit & Loss
  • No centralized repository of data; no history of data maintained
  • Multiple sheets prone to human error gets manually created during estimation
  • Complete disconnect between estimation & execution
  • High dependency on people; high risk towards missing costs
  • Project Planning Management
  • Budgeting
  • Material Requisition from Site Portal
  • Purchase Enquiry to Suppliers
  • Purchase Management
  • Tools Tracking Management
  • Material Pending for Consumption
  • Dashboard for Execution Team
  • Project Delay Report
  • Excel BOQ Upload
  • Drawing documents Attachment
  • Site Survey – Quantity Take off
  • Material Planning Management
  • Site Portal for Site Engineer
  • Material Procurement /Issues material
  • Supplier Quote Comparison
  • GRN – Site or Warehouse
  • Budget intimation
  • Labour Attendance Management
  • Dashboard for Finance
  • Project wise Profit & Loss
  • Bills pending
  • Material Demand Vs Supply
  • Customer billing Vs Contractor
  • Dashboard for Project Team
  • Accounts Management
  • Site Expense
  • Drawing Revision
  • Subcontract & Billing
  • Client Billing, Supply Bill

eresource Nfra Construction ERP Software Modules


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