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Why can't companies develop their own ERP packages?

Developing an ERP package is a very complex and time-consuming process that requires a lot of skilled manpower and other resources. Many companies have personnel on their payrolls who can absorb the necessary knowledge and who have experience in developing sophisticated systems. The problem is that ERP package development is not the man business of these companies. They should be directing all of their available resources into improving their own products or services so that they can remain competitive and better serve their customers and continue to grow.


ERP package vendors are people who have invested huge amounts of time and effort in research and development to create packaged solutions. ERP vendors spend billions of rupees in research and come up with innovations that make the packages more efficient, flexible and easy to implement and use. Also with the revolution of new technologies the vendors will be able to constantly upgrade their product to take advantage of the best and latest advancements of technology because their main focus is on improving the capabilities of their tools.


Since designing and implementing ERP systems is not the business of most companies, or a focus of their management, the systems an in-house team comes up with will never equal in quality, scope functionality, or technology with those created by software firms who are exclusively into these business.


ERP package vendors can produce sophisticated packages and provide their clients with products that allow them to main a focus on their own chief activities, thus improving revenues, profits and shareholder returns.

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