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Running Account (RA) Billing


Running Account (RA) Billing module in eresource nfra ERP allows users to generate Sales invoice bill. Here the system will automatically generate the rate of the item and total of the complete invoice.

In Contracting business, generally there are Variation to each order. In the case of Variation, the billing patern would be different for the Main Order and variation order. In order to accommodate different type of billing type and method, Bill Group function can be used.

If the variation to contract is chargeable, then, there can be two possibilities as far as the billing is concerned. The variations can be billed along with the existing BOQs or can be booked separately. To manage these scenarios, RA Billing Group feature helps the user to group them.

Billing type in Project business differs from one project to another project from one customer to another customer. There are cases where the customer may demand different bill for SUPPLY of material and different invoice for APPLY/Services.
The Supply Bill is an additional provision to generate invoice of supplied Material to the customer. The Supply bill is generated against the Delivery Order.

The Running Account Bill, as the name suggests it runs on a pro-rata basis and is a cumulative Bill. When it comes to Running Account Bill, there are two methodologies viz; % Completion on Tender (wherein the % of BOQ to be claimed need to be mentioned against each BOQ) and Total % on BOQ (Total % on BOQ means, the invoice would be percentage on the GROSS amount)..

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