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eresource Manufacturing ERP Software is the right erp software for Manufacturing industries. eresource Xcel software for manufacturing helps companies to gain operational excellence, increase ROI, reduce time and increase productivity. Since our ERP Software is web based, the application can be accessed 24/7 any time and any where. Click here to Download Manufacturing ERP Tour

Features of Manufacturing ERP Software

1.Easy implementation
2.Cost effective
3.Easy to understand the working of the software
4.24/7 and 365 days a year you can access any where any time, Provided you are connected to Internet
5.Application or software can be accessed on mobile as its mobile compatible along with Laptop, Tablets and normal computer
6.It will increase your ROI and reduce your manual work

List of Modules

1.Customer Relation Management (CRM)
2.Bill of Material Management
3.Material Production Scheduling
4.Materiel Requirement Planning
5.Purchase Management
6.Quality Control
7.Jobwork Management
8.Plant Maintenance
9.Accounts & Finance
10.Human Resource Management
11.Production Management

Industries we serve

Discrete Manufacturing ERP

Discrete manufacturing industry produces products using resources such as parts and accessories. Products such as Automobiles, Furniture, Bicycle, Equipment’s, Industrial and Electronic equipment all fall under Discrete Manufacturing. The manufacturing process of Discrete Manufacturing are not continuous in nature. Each production process can be individually started or stopped or can be manufacturing in different manufacturing unit. The companies in Discrete Manufacturing process makes physical products that go directly to Customers or business. Manufacturing of Assemblies also falls under Discrete Manufacturing practice...More

Valve Manufacturing ERP

Valve Manufacturing industry has one of the most complex and sophisticated working method. The nature of work in the valve manufacturing companies are often face challenging scenario and looking for ways to overcome the competition prevailing in the industry. In valve manufacturing industry, most of the time work orders of valve are extremely complex in nature. This is because all the orders have different parameters such as its Types, Size, Class, and other measurements. Due to this variations in orders the valve manufacturing companies have to go through lot of customization which need to be engineered and then produced...More

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturers are the one who makes equipments that can be used by another company with their brand name in it. Many of the companies, whether it is machinery parts or car parts or computer hardware, do not manufacturer these parts as their own. In fact these parts are being manufactured by companies that are specialized in doing so. These companies are categorized as OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturers... More

Automotive Manufacturing ERP

Automotive Industry plays an important role in Indian economy. It has been claimed that Automotive Industry has been one of the pillars of economy. This is because the automotive manufacturing industry in India is one of the largest in the world. It has been calculated and announced officially that the annual production of vehicles numbers to nearly 24 million, according to 2015-16 statistics. Gradual growth in demand makes requirement of quality product in its vibrant and competitive market, and this demand growth attracts many news players which results in capacity expansion in automobile industry with advanced technology and generation of huge employment...More

Steel Manufacturing ERP

Steel manufacturing industry in India is witnessing rapid growth in its operations for the last few years. This is due to usage of steel, one of the most sought-after material for any infrastructure, is in high demand. In a period when the infrastructure projects are increasingly showing an encouraging growth, it becomes a challenge for the steel manufacturing industry to meet the demand and supply...More

Lean Manufacturing ERP

There seems to be some contradictions in the terms between lean and ERP. It is because an ERP module focus on fixed lead times, lot-sizes and a buffer inventory, the lean focuses elimination of lead time, one-piece flow and just-in-time supply. However, in reality the truth is different and ERP and lean can-and should-coexist. It has been proved successfully that the modern ERP systems can support lean implementation, and even make its implementation better...More

Electronics Manufacturing ERP

eresource Xcel, the exclusive ERP system for manufacturing industry would be an ideal solution for Electronic Manufacturing companies. The system has been integrated with essential modules that could serve the industry better in their manufacturing process. eresource Xcel system offers to the users in the Electronic industry the modular approach that has the capability to streamline processes, reduce cost and ensure customer responsiveness across the premises. This ERP system for Electronic Manufacturing can provide surety to all the top priorities to achieve profitability and continued growth. Guided by the desired needs of the today's users, eresource Xcel ERP delivers the flexibility, choice and agility needed to support all the strategic decisions and to lean out the wasted processes...More

Industrial Manufacturing ERP

Not only to survive but also to succeed in in today's competitive business world, all Manufacturing Industry must be updated with latest technology support and when it comes to industrial products manufacturers, their fate is tied to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. There is no need for a second thought as the growth and long-term survival of Industrial Products business is depends on how well the ERP system stays on top of industry best practices in the face of new and shifting challenges...More

Machinery Manufacturing ERP

eresource Xcel, the exclusive ERP system for Machinery Manufacturers enables companies to efficiently manage all aspects of their Logistics and Supply Chain. Industrial Machinery manufacturers often need to control the issuance of components at specific routing steps in their production process. Routings can be configured in this system to ensure that components are issued to the proper work center as the production work order is released and completed....More

Plastic Manufacturing ERP

Plastic manufacturing industry is faced with numerous challenges among its competitors and making their own mark in the industry with unique approach to curtail the challenges needs very supporting enterprise solution. Today many of the industrial bigwigs have found solace with eresource ERP system, a suitable choice among number of ERP solutions available in the market..More