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eresource Infotech gears for growth strategy. Joint venture signed with Shreeji Group, Kenya

African Safari continues


India: After establishing a strong foothold in India and UAE, eresource Infotech Pvt. Ltd., the leading ERP solution providers, now as a part of their business growth strategy expands its operations in Africa. Signing a joint venture agreement with Shreeji Group in Nairobi, Kenya, eresource has now an extensive facility in the African region to serve its customers in a better way.

Speaking on this new market expansion Mr. Sudheer Nair, CEO, eresource Infotech said: “The global ERP software market is expected to garner $41.69 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 7.2% during the forecast period 2014 - 2020. The role of ERP has transitioned from back office activities to the integration of business processes. Since the last two years, we have been able to establish a strong foothold in the UAE market and hence we thought of now expanding our operations in African region too. We have identified that this region is on its growing path in its manufacturing and distribution sectors at an incredible rate. Being one of the most trusted ERP solution providers, we, eresource, also would like to contribute our services to this industrially growth-oriented region.”

With the advent of 4G across Africa, managing businesses online through a web-based ERP application or cloud-based solution is an easy option. Companies will be able to reap infinite benefits with the deployment of such applications. Mobile phone compatible ERP solutions such as eresource ERP could allow the integrations of business from of disparate locations across the countries. Business operations from various branches and sites from different locations could be integrated with a single central system and the information data could transported easily to anywhere anytime for quick decision making process. The sales team also will be able to manage their work easily with coordinating between customers and decision makers on real-time basis, which will help growth of your business.

As you know, conventionally ERP software has been extensively used for back office operations, which include production, accounting, inventory control and order management etc. An ERP software consists of multiple software modules and each ERP module is focused on a single area of business process such as material purchasing, inventory control, accounting, finance, HR and marketing etc. These modules can be prepared in accordance to the requirement of the company. ERP software is deployed either as an on premise or cloud based software. Managing resources efficiently and integration of organizational activities are some of the major features of ERP software. “

Mr. Sudheer Nair adds further: “With implementation of an ERP system operational efficiency can be increased consequentially providing the competitive edge to businesses. Increasing operational complexity and rapid changes in business models are some of the major challenges faced by present day businesses. To overcome these challenges, business organizations are rapidly adopting ERP software. The growing competition compels organizations to adopt ERP software in order to remain competitive in their business field. The demand for ERP software is expected to grow swiftly in the coming years, owing to its importance in supplementing and synchronizing a company’s business processes.”

Association with Shreeji: “Shreeji Enterprises (Kenya) LTD, based in Nairobi and Mombasa in Kenya, is one of the largest logistics company in the East African region. This is the first time that a company like Shreeji Enterprises has entered into a joint venture with an IT firm. Shreeji Group provides safe and reliable long and short haulage, bulk and bagged warehousing, Clearing and Forwarding, Bulk Cargo Handling, Air Cargo Services etc. for general and specialized cargo to a diverse industry segment like steel, cement, food and many more in the East African Region.

"Shreeji Group is one of our long trusted customers who have base in India and Kenya. Our association with them as an associate partner in Kenya will be an added advantage as they are an enterprise with a strong base here. The association will helps us to serve our customers a closely manner," added Mr. Sudheer Nair.

eresource is planning to launch its extensively developed ERP system for Construction, Manufacturing, Trading, Pharmaceuticals etc. in the African market through Shreeji. The sales and implementation process will be managed by Shreeji with technical assistance from resource technical team.