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How Important is User Interface in an ERP System?


User Interface (UI) is all the things arranged in an information device from where a end user may interact. The UI is an essential part of an ERP system. This the part where the end users will communicate regularly. An inappropriate UI can back off your work process and even produce opposition of end user towards the ERP system.

Fortunately, UI can be modified anytime in an ERP system and with appropriate planning, you can have UI which will help in gaining efficiency in your business as well as suitable for the user.

One thing to keep in mind is how well the user interface responds. The system should be user friendly under most circumstances. You have to ensure your servers and your work areas are sufficiently effective to give you smart reaction. Think about the energy of your fundamental PC, server, system and capacity in outlining your system. It's inappropriate to spare cash on the equipment if it will cost you in profitability. Expecting your ERP system is sufficiently quick and your database is appropriately tuned, you have to look to the UI itself.

You have to provide enough information for the end user in sensible parts. The information on the screen must be reasonable, easy to relate and not overcrowded. Also, represent the screen in such a way that the user is attracted to the most essential data on the system.

You can also represent the screen with different colors to help arrange the screen, but in small quantities. Strong colors will distract the user rather than being helpful. Even while using graphical content, keep it informative and understandable.

Attempt to keep up flexible design over the screens to make it simple for the end user. While designing the system, test it on the end user. Take their recommendation or grievances, if any, and note it down. Make sure to include those point in the design to make the system more smooth.

Planning a workable ERP system interface takes some time and hard work. While arranging the ERP system UI, just ensure that it is helpful and user friendly for the user. .