• ERP Software for Construction Industry in United Arab Emirates

    eresource nfra ERP solution provides comprehensive project information necessary to answer all critical business, investment, and operational questions.

Industry Specific ERP

eresource Construction ERP Software in UAE, Dubai

eresource Nfra, a tailor-made ERP system for UAE construction industry

eresource Nfra, one of the most sought-after ERP solution for Construction Industry has been a big hit in the UAE market today. The system has been developed and upgraded with advanced technologies with all the required parameters of a construction industry. A system with easy operational method also is reason for its popularly among the users from the construction industry..

Over the last few months number of companies in the UAE and other Gulf region has implemented or signed the contract to implement eresource ERP system purely on its working merit. All these companies have been opted for eresource Nfra for their business operations after a thorough evaluation. The system which maintains all information regarding a construction company such as cost of project, productivity and all other accounts and HR management including revenue generation process, can be considered a one stop ERP solution for all your construction activities and implementation of eresource can boost your business opportunities in a very systematic way..

Construction ERP Software - Modules

Admin and Master

In this module you will be creating your company account.

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BOQ Management

Bill of Quantities serves as a basis of detailed breakdown of work scope, quantity.

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Biling and Contract

Here user can generate sales invoice bill and Contract

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Customer Relationship (CRM)

Using CRM dashboard you can visualize the opportunities, approach, in SPANCO model.

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Project Budgeting

eresource NFRA budgeting module computes the Material and other Direct Cost of Project.

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Accounts and Finance

Here material items that are required for a project is entered.

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Inventory and Stores

Inventory and Stores form allows you to add your indent.

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Material Requirement Planning

The project planning is done after the project calender is created.

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Purchase Management

Purchase enquiry cane be made against Purchase Indent or Direct Indent.

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On-Site Engineer Portal

User can request planned material against BoQs through Material Requisition page.The user can record the consumption of material.

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Sub Contracter Workorder

You can assign one or more Sub-Contractor to selected BoQItems with a single mouse click.

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Project Planning and control

The project planning is done after the project calendar is created.Screen project activities are planned.

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This innovatory ERP system empowers construction companies in UAE with ground-breaking scheduling program and project management system that maximizes productivity and saves time. eresource Nfra ERP is a powerful application for construction business and the application is equipped to manage Project management and Cost control for the project execution with its key modules within the scheduled estimate.


The system which automates all the business activities of a construction company helps the effective management of subcontracting, ware-housing, inventory and other material management. The system which helps the company with visibility to a project can provide required tool to manage them effectively. It also enables the company to manage the operations more organized with efficient methods.


All the information collected by the system has been secured in a centralized database system which can be availed by the user as per their role and rights. The 360 degree view of your business operations helps the decision makers to take the right strategic decision when and where required.

The flow of information between various departments and locations on real-time basis is another highlight of eresource Nfra ERP system. Industries like Construction and infrastructure runs on the basis of time-bound. Each and every work must be carried out as per the time schedule to complete the project on time. The ERP system can act as time tool to complete all the projects on time as it maintains every activities and alerts when there is a shortfall. This can help the concerned department to take appropriate action to maintain the task as per the schedule.


eresource Nfra has an innovative and easy to operate interface. An effective dashboard gives you the real time value of the items and information you are interested in. Te user-friend interface helps the users to view the reports & information in pictorial & graphical forms and can even be customized as per the users’ preferences.