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ERP Software for Electrical Contractor



This is the digital era. There is not a single business you can point that has not been digitally connected. And for every business, whether it is a large scale or medium or small scale industries, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system has become tool for their successful business operations. Construction industry with its subordinated working set ups like sub-contracting, MEP and Electrical Contracting needs their own ERP system to manage their work effectively and efficiently.

Electrical Contracting being one of the top of construction related works needs its own ERP system to undertake their mission flawlessly. eresource Nfra, an exclusive ERP system developed by eresource for construction industry is a tailor-made ERP system for electrical contracting. The modules in eresource Nfra has been laid out in way that will help Electrical Contractors to carry out all their effortlessly.
Choose the best ERP system for Electrical Contracting

Nfra ERP system provides a central database that allows the storage, management, and interpretation of data across various business units. With this integrated system electrical contractors undertaking work for huge projects for big construction companies will be able to manage all their operations, as well as provide multiple functions supported by this system.

Though there are many ERP systems available, choosing the right ERP system that will support all the functions of an Electrical Contracting firm is important. As eresource Nfra ERP system for Electrical Contracting comes with strong integrations and customizations facilities to meet all the industry requirements, the system can be termed as one of the best systems suited for your Electrical Contracting business.

Moving ahead with the trend

Apart from successfully carrying out their work, Electrical Contractors also must gain more insights about their business and understand key trends that will shape the future. As the technology is moving at the light of speed, everything gets updated day by day. The innovations and trends that evolve in electrical industry is beyond anyone imagination. It is therefore electrical contractors must figure out how to exploit these trends in their favour. As the ERP system can take of their business operations, contractors will have enough to time to explore the new trends in electrical front which can included in their business strategy.

SMBs must opt for cloud-based ERP system

There is a misconception that ERP system will cost you a fortune. When a time ERP solutions are fast becoming a must-have for businesses to stay competitive, there are lot of option that suit your budget. Cloud-based ERP system can extend its benefits by providing a more affordable and accessible option that can accommodate small and medium-sized businesses. When you choose cloud-based ERP system like eresource Nfra for electrical contracting it is a win-win situation for all.


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Key Features : eresource Nfra ERP

Tendering Management Excel BOQ Upload
Measurement of Contractor work

Work Order
Drawing documents Attachment
Excess Qty Approval

Project Kick Start Site Survey - Quantity Take off

Sub contractor work order

Project Planning Management
Material Planning Management
Bills pending for Certification from Client
Budgeting - Material, Labour, Site Exp Site Portal for Site Engineer Material Demand Vs Supply

Material Requisition from Site Portal   Material Procurement /Issues material
Customer billing Vs Contractor Billing
Purchase Enquiry to Suppliers

Supplier Quote Comparison
Dashboard for Project Team

Purchase Management
GRN - Site or Warehouse
Accounts Management

Tools Tracking Management
Budget intimation
Site Expense with Approval Mechanism

Material Pending for Consumption
 Labour Attendance Management
Drawing Revision Track

Dashboard for Execution Team
Dashboard for Finance
Subcontract & Billing Management

Project Delay Report
Project wise Profit & Loss
Client  Billing, Supply Bill, Installation Bill, RA Bill

eresource ERP : Nfra Modules

 Tendering Management Estimation Management BOQ Management Work Order Management
 Project Budgeting Material Take Off (MTO) Variation to Contract (VTC) Project Planning
Site Execution Portal (SEP) Material Requisition

Site Store & Warehouse

Purchase Management
 Sub Contractor Billing Daily Progress Running Account Billing (RA Bill) Accounts Management