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ERP for Mechanical Engineering

Make your engineering at its best with eresource Nfra

Mechanical Engineering is a manufacturing segment where accuracy and a comprehensive overview of every process are very important. It is absolutely necessary for the industry to have an effective enterprise solution to manage its operational process that is precious in calculation and efficient in production and complete transparent. Taking all these above facts into account eresource, one of the most trusted ERP solution providers offers an exclusive solution eresource Nfra for ERP solution for mechanical engineering organization.

Exchange of information is vital factor for any industrial business. Accurate, quick and timely information data transfer between departments, branches and locations helps the decision makers to take appropriate decision based on these information. This process helps business processes become significantly more efficient. With fast information about critical figures such as machine utilization, detailed project information and exact stock forecasts allow the organization to function smoothly and efficiently.




Key Features





• Project Planning Management   • Supplier Quote Comparison
Budgeting   GRN - Site or Warehouse
• Material Requisition from Site Portal   • Budget intimation
• Purchase Enquiry to Suppliers   Labour Attendance Management
• Purchase Management   • Dashboard for Finance
• Tools Tracking Management   • Project wise Profit & Loss
• Material Pending for Consumption   Bills pending
• Dashboard for Execution Team   • Material Demand Vs Supply
• Project Delay Report   Customer billing Vs Contractor
• Excel BOQ Upload   • Dashboard for Project Team
• Drawing documents Attachment   • Accounts Management
• Site Survey - Quantity Take off • Site Expense
• Material Planning Management   • Drawing Revision
• Site Portal for Site Engineer   Subcontract & Billing
• Material Procurement /Issues material   • Client Billing, Supply Bill





 • Accounts Management
 • Tendering Management
 • Estimation Management
 • Work Order Management
 • Project Budgeting
 • Material Take Off (MTO)
 • Variation to Contract (VTC)
 • Project Planning
 • Site Execution Portal (SEP)
 • Material Requisition
 • Site Store & Warehouse
 • Purchase Management
 • Sub Contractor Billing
 • Daily Progress
 • Running Account Billing (RA Bill)


Challenges faced by Mechanical Engineering industry

Changing technology advancement, competitive business environment, shorter innovation cycles, new customer specifications and requirements are some of the challenges faced by Mechanical Engineering industry today. Need of the hour for this industry is a enterprise solution that will be able to manage efficiently these issues. Product lifecycles that keep on getting shorter along with the trend in favour of system suppliers require high-performance ERP tools.

eresource Nfra will help tackle challenges

eresource Nfra, the exclusive system to manage business and operational functions in the organization is an ideal solution to tackle challenges faced in this industry. The system has been developed with all the necessary modules that will help the users to handle work easily and flawlessly. Eesource Nfra will allow mechanical engineering companies in their industry process with comprehensive reporting functions. With this comprehensive ERP solution for mechanical engineering mechanical engineering companies will be able to map their entire value chain end-to-end.

On-time implementation

Our comprehensive and exclusive ERP system covers the fields of engineering, project management, sales, procurement and production, customer relationship along with accounting and human resource. The necessary information and data are at your employees' fingertips. Thanks to the cohesive flow of information and the reporting functions, you have a comprehensive overview of your current costs, revenues and customer data. This ensures smooth internal processes, reduces response times and significantly lowers your costs.

Agile, flexible and reliable

With eresource Nfra ERP system for mechanical engineering, you not only have control of all business processes but are also able to respond to changes more quickly. This is because our ERP solution is agile, flexible and reliable.

Advantages of eresource Nfra ERP

Flexible and scalable solution
Short implementation phase
Quick implementation process
Excellent security of investment
Support for your key processes
Transparent workflows
Customized and intuitive user interface
Practice-oriented training method

For more information on eresource Nfra and a live demo, please calls us or write to us sales@eresourceinfotech.com


Industries we serve


Cooling Tower

Power Transmission & Industrial Substation

Electrical Contracting

Renewable energy

Power Industry

Fire Fighting

EPC Contracting

Power Plants

Oil & Gas

Civil Projects

Poles & Railway Electrification


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eresource Nfra Construction ERP Software Modules

Admin and Master

In this module you will be creating your company account.

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BOQ Management

Bill of Quantities serves as a basis of detailed breakdown of work scope, quantity.

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Sub Contracting & Client Billing

Here user can generate sales invoice bill and Contract

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Tendering Management

Using Tendering Management dashboard you can visualize the opportunities, approach, in SPANCO model.

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Project Budgeting

eresource NFRA budgeting module computes the Material and other Direct Cost of Project.

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Accounts and Finance

Here material items that are required for a project is entered.

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Site Store & Warehouse

Site Store & Warehouse form allows you to add your indent.

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Material Requirement Planning

The project planning is done after the project calender is created.

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Purchase Management

Purchase enquiry cane be made against Purchase Indent or Direct Indent.

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Execution Portal

User can request planned material against BoQs through Material Requisition page.The user can record the consumption of material.

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Sub Contracter Workorder

You can assign one or more Sub-Contractor to selected BoQItems with a single mouse click.

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Project Planning and control

The project planning is done after the project calendar is created. Screen project activities are planned.

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