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ERP for Manufacturing Industry

eresource Xcel – An Exclusive ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry:


eresource Xcel is the web-based Manufacturing ERP Software . It gives you to the freedom to work from wherever you want. You can use it from anywhere if you have a laptop and an internet connection. This eresource Xcel-ERP solution offers various modules like Admin and Masters Management, Sales Management, Purchase Management, Store Management, Quality Management, Job work Management, Billing Management and Accounts Management. The modules are fully integrated as per the GST regulations.

eresource Xcel is successfully empowering many customers throughout the world. This Manufacturing ERP Software offers innovative solutions and competitive advantage to excel you in your business. It follows a process driven approach and gives organization strategic insights in their businesses. It increases your productivity and differentiates you from the competitor.


For Profitable and Faster Growth of Your Business :


eresource Xcel is an ERP solutions for manufacturing industry. It enables manufacturers to compete in the aggressive business environment. This ERP suite has a variety of functionality which supports a range of operations. It increases your operational efficiency. It is designed to save your input cost, integration of logistics which leads to faster delivery of product to market, compliance with local and international regulations. This helps to improve overall customer relationship.


Accessing your Business from wherever you want:


With our innovative eresource Xcel ERP solutions-you have the opportunity to reach your business from wherever you want. You can work from and look at your business performance while enjoying your holiday.


For Effectively Managing your Business:


ereource Xcel – ERP solutions offer your user wide variety of features as per the permission granted to them. It integrates your third party like suppliers, contractors, customers, etc. and offers them to be part of your business platform. Every action of the user is recorded. This keeps them accountable for their work. It also checks fraud and keeps a trace of every transaction.

For Convenience, Affordable and Quick Implementation:


eresource Xcel offers you a variety of solution across multiple department like Finance, Inventory Management, Production Planning and Human Resource. You get information of any department instantly and at the place you want.

Gives you perfect Security Solutions:


eresource Xcel keep your business data protected from hackers and spammer. The user authentication process is convenient and effective. It gives you security at micro-level. The protection of your business data and customer is the topmost priority of our solutions.

Implementation support:


We offer you the unmatched customer support to ensure 24X7 accessibility and service. We give a successful implementation method for rapid deployment of the ERP solutions which is worth your money.

Some benefits of using eresource Xcel ERP solution for manufacturing are:


It increases your operational efficiency.
Your business gains wide visibility.
The customer relationship improves.
It streamlines your production and planning processes.
It saves your input cost.
It complies with local laws and regulations.
It minimizes error in the production processes.
You can get complete reports related to your business instantly.
You have a global reach, better inventory management and higher customer satisfaction.