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ERP Software for Metal Fabrication Industry

Fabrication industry gets its own ERP system

Most of the fabrication companies are small in their volume of employees and other infrastructure compared to many organization in the construction industry. It is therefore fabrication industry can be placed under small sized business category. However these companies serving wide array of industries like machinery manufacturing, automobiles, electronics, construction and infrastructure. And what is most interesting about these fabrication companies are they produce components and subassemblies to customers in various fields, all of whom create products with wildly different end uses.

However, the business competitions are too high in this small sized business sector. It is therefore, to cope up with the demand and supply of quality products to their customers, companies need to operate their business process with the help of hi-tech software solution. ERP system has been extensively used in this field of fabrication industry to manage their business effectively. eresource Nfra ERP system has been developed for industries such as fabrication and like-wise medium and small sized business set up.


eresource Nfra ERP for fabrication Industry


eresource Nfra has realized that there are many challenges these type of medium and small type industries are facing in today’s very competitive business arena and one of the most unique challenges fabrication companies face is the need to accommodate different customer preferences that too in the way the components are delivered.

There many situations that shows up challenges. A manufacturer may need a metal fabrication supplier to take on a design-to-order project. This means the fabricator will need to have a flexible process that allows for accurate cost estimates and frequent changes to the design - often right in the middle of production. And also in other time, these fabricators may be called upon to produce a high quantity of a standard part.

To handles these types of complex matters fabrication companies needs a business application that will help the companies to stay efficiently and effectively in the market and take up any challenges and competition that this industry demands. eresource Nfra has identified all the areas where a fabrication company must concentrate more to stay ahead in their business strategy and the ERP system has been integrated with modules that will help these companies to withstand all the competition in the market.


Get rid of delays and mistakes with ERP system


Today more and more fabricators industry rely on robust enterprise resource planning systems such as eresource Nfra that support and augment their sometimes unusual processes without causing delays or unnecessary mistakes.

eresource Nfra ERP system for fabrication companies has to provide the ability to integrate data with the all their operational process - production, scheduling, bills of materials and so on. This is especially important for custom jobs.

An ERP system like resource Nfra that can take the design changes and translate them across the entire system, making it easy to get accurate cost estimates for quotes, procure the necessarily materials and schedule labor and capacity for production. In a business like fabrication it is important that the ERP system be able to quickly and accurately take customer requirements, create a design, develop an estimated cost, deliver a quote that satisfies the customer and turns a profit for the metal fabricator, which eresource Nfra can manage easily.

Efficient management of customer relationship is every important in any business, especially in industries like fabrication. Eresource Nfra has an effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) modules has been integrated intelligently in the system. The CRM in resource Nfra can quickly place orders and communicate requirements to the fabricators on real-time.

Fabrication industry have similar planning needs like any other industries such as labour, materials, scheduling, subcontractors and other facets to routine production. Eresource Nfra ERP system for fabrication companies have these processes as standard features and other functions that has been integrated as special features.

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eresource Nfra - ERP Modules


Admin and Master

In this module you will be creating your company account.

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BOQ Management

Bill of Quantities serves as a basis of detailed breakdown of work scope, quantity.

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Sub Contracting & Client Billing

Here user can generate sales invoice bill and Contract

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Tendering Management

Using Tendering Management dashboard you can visualize the opportunities, approach, in SPANCO model.

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Project Budgeting

eresource NFRA budgeting module computes the Material and other Direct Cost of Project.

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Accounts and Finance

Here material items that are required for a project is entered.

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Site Store & Warehouse

Site Store & Warehouse form allows you to add your indent.

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Material Requirement Planning

The project planning is done after the project calender is created.

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Purchase Management

Purchase enquiry cane be made against Purchase Indent or Direct Indent.

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Execution Portal

User can request planned material against BoQs through Material Requisition page.The user can record the consumption of material.

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Sub Contracter Workorder

You can assign one or more Sub-Contractor to selected BoQItems with a single mouse click.

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Project Planning and control

The project planning is done after the project calendar is created.Screen project activities are planned.

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