ERP Software for Engineering Industry

eresource Xcel helps engineering industry with automated process


An ERP system is the only solution to overcome various problems faced by engineering industry. The manufacturing ERP system will help engineering firms by automating the work processes and monitor all the business process. When an efficient ERP system like eresource Xcel is implemented exchange of information between branches, departments, and locations becomes easy which will ultimately help the decision making an easy task.

Taking prompt and timely decision is an important factor on success in any kind of business and engineering industry cannot be different. However whether the ERP system that has been implemented could serve your business process is also important. While choosing a ERP system, engineering companies must evaluate the system through a appropriate channel.

Key Features
  • Multi Branch Functionality
  • Sales Enquires & Quotation
  • Sales Order Scheduling
  • Sales Order Short Close
  • Multi Level BOM
  • Final Production Quality Control
  • Production Planning
  • Material Requirement Planning
  • Auto Material Requisition
  • Auto Indenting Production Costing
  • Wastage Generation
  • Purchase Order Scheduling
  • Rack wise Inventory Maintenance
  • Purchase Order Short Close
  • Warehouse to Warehouse Stock Transfer
  • RFQ (Request for Quotation)
  • Stock Reconciliation
  • Inward Test Quality Control
  • Transaction Approval
  • In-Process Quality Control
  • Audit Trail
  • Final Production Quality Control
  • Menu wise Access rights
  • Inward Test Quality Control
  • In-Process Quality Control
  • Outward Test Quality Control
  • Role wise Security Access
  • Online User Tracking
  • Audit Trail – User Transaction History


eresource Xcel for engineering industry

eresource, one of the most trusted ERP system that serves variety of industry verticals is acclaimed for its services towards manufacturing industry. To serve each industry in its grassroots level, we have developed exclusive ERP system for each industry and eresource Xcel is the exclusive ERP system for manufacturing segment which includes engineering industry.

While developing the system, our professionals have been cautious in scrutinizing all working aspects of engineering industry. From our decades of experience in this field we do understand that an engineering company faces variety of problems. It is therefore the ERP system that we develop must help to overcome any issues or challenges and facilitate the trade to extend its potency, maintain quality product, meet client expectations and able to withstand the competition in the market.

Challenges faced by engineering industry

Like any other organization under manufacturing industry, engineering companies also faces different set of issues in managing complexity of projects. Some of the common challenges that are faced by engineering industry are work schedule and its cascading effect on engineering costs as and when these schedules changes. Costs can also always vary for materials and other resources like machinery and work force because of the long gestation period of each project. With an effective ERP system like eresource Xcel being implemented, these issues can be tackled intelligently.

There are also challenges to complete every work on time. A mismanaged project with missed deadlines and variation in input costs can end up with less profits or even loss. Also this could invite customers’ displeasure. Thus, monitoring is to be done strictly. Quotation estimate overrun can make an organization start on the wrong note. Missed milestones can mean serious problem with cash flows as it leads to delayed invoicing. This puts pressure on working capital.

eresource Xcel helps overcome challenges faced by engineering industry

However, with eresource Xcel as your business solution, every engineering company will have a system that will help you to overcome every challenge and make your working method quick and easy. eresource Xcel will maintain quality products, increase efficiency, meet customer expectations and sustain in this competitive market. As an elite solution, eresource Xcel ERP is capable of handling more than just the scheduling and engineering planning that most people associate with project management activities. It manages detailed aspect of a project company from quotation estimates to final invoicing while keeping a close visibility of the work progress, offers value in support of revenue recognition to detailed tracking of costs by projects and tasks.

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Industries we serve under Manufacturing


Mining Manufacturing

Plastic Pipes and Fittings Manufacturing

Solvent & Refinery Manufacturing

Spring Manufacturing 

Plastic Tanks Manufacturing

Playing Cards Manufacturing 

eresource Xcel for Manufacturing ERP Software - Modules

Sales Management

This Module comprises of Contact Management and Sales Order Processing Management.

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Bill of Material Management

The BOM module is used to maintain the details of product requirements i.e to create which product and quantity required.

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Material Production Scheduling

MPS in eresource Xcel generates an accurate and detailed schedule of orders and enables what is required to be produced.

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Material Requirement Planning

MRP module provides information that enables the company to have enough inventory on hand.

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Purchase Management

Purchase module deals with all the items or products required which is not in stores. The required item list is created in this module.

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Quality Control Assurance

Quality Control module facilities are versatile and offer support in every phase of your operations from receipt and acceptance.

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Jobwork Management

This module allows you to make products from outside sources with your own material.

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Plant Maintenanace (Engineering)

Plant and Machine Maintenance Module in eresource ERP captures information of equipment maintenance.

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Accounts and Finance

Finance Resource Management in eresource Xcel gathers financial data from various functional departments.

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Payroll Management

Payroll module in eresource ERP streamlines the management of human resources.

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Production Management

The function of Production Management module is the production of items as per requirement.

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