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ERP for Civil Contractors

One stop solution for all your construction process

Realizing the increasing complexity of the construction industry, especially the civil contractors, eresource, one of the most-trusted web-based ERP solution in India and abroad, has decided to offer an exclusively ERP system called eresource Nfra for the Civil Contractors.

This fully integrated intelligent ERP system that allows you to control and access data in real time, helping you maximize your profits through better budget and schedule management while reducing the risks of duplicating or losing data entries.

eresource nfra Construction ERP Software is an exclusive web-based business solution software designed for medium and large Civil Construction and EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) companies. The system has been developed with all the essential work process of a construction company in mind with features include Management of Schedule of Rates, Analysis of Rates, Project Estimation (Definitive and Control), Tender Evaluation, Cost Sheet preparation, BOQ Generation, Audit and Projection.

Accurate project estimation

Those who are working in the construction field know how important the project estimation is. Everyone would agree that this is a herculean task that needs lot of patients and technical know-how. However, with eresource Nfra in place, creating a perfect and comprehensive estimate for a commercial construction projects can be a much easier task. This accurate project estimation would help the companies having control over the three most important variables in the project work, that is -- Time, Finance and Resources (Man, Material, Equipments),

Facility to access real time information is one of the other factors that can lead to efficient operations in a civil contracting and other construction companies. Eresource Nfra allows you to access all the information on real time basis. This feature helps all the departments timely information, especially the accounting department which automatically receives data from the project management system and they maintain control over the posting of financial information.

Efficiently managing all the important process with timely received information can help the civil contracting companies move in the right direction with their decision making. As civil contractors manage a large volume of information like daily management of subcontracts, progress draws, change orders, charge backs, drawing logs, daily logs, meeting minutes, transmissions, submissions, RFI’s, RFQ’s and many other documents, it is necessary to have an ERP system like resource Nfra to manage it cleverly and intelligently.


No duplication of entries.
Accounts department automatically receives data from the project management system and they maintain control over the posting of financial information
Elimination of separate spreadsheets and other databases
All information is recorded and reported consistently
Contacts can be managed centrally
All documents can be stored online for quick retrieval

Over the time resource Nfra has been chosen by number of reputed construction firms in India and UAE. The system is efficiently meets all their estimating, project management and accounting needs. With features like contact management, unit costing, daily cost reporting, sub-trade management and flexible billing, eresource Nfra is the perfect solution for maximum performance.
The system is able to rrack every cost, revenue and communication from planning to closing. With eresource Nfra implemented you will always know where you stand with every project—almost right to the minute.

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