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ERP Software Company in Tamil Nadu

eresource offers world class ERP system for industries in Chennai

Chennai , the capital city Tamil Nadu and a metropolitan city is not only emerged as an educational hub of the country with many renowned institutions but the city and the whole state is flourishing with large, Medium and small scale industries. These industries are largely contribution to the economic growth of the state. Today a large number of reputed companies from all over the world is setting up their business houses in the state.

Though these industries are creating a healthy business environment in the state competition among them to keep hold of their product quality is also high. To keep any business float at higher level with production of quality products every industrial set up need a good technology support. Every operation of business needs to be managed by sophisticated technology support to keep up the pace with the completion in the field. Today there is no industry that can efficiently manage their operations without an effective enterprise solution.

eresource comes with affordable ERP

However, there are number of enterprise solution available in the market eresource ERP system developed by one of the leading ERP firms in India, eresource Infotech Pvt. Limited stands at the top. This is because when most of the other ERP vendors concentrate on a single area of operations, eresource has developed exclusive ERP system for every industrial outfit.

Chennai and Tamil Nadu is witnessing a vast development with onset of new industrial setups. World renowned automotive industries have already started their production Tamil Nadu. Other than automotive, trading, textile mills, printing and technology and many other different kind of manufacturing companies have their plants working in this state.

Though all big organizations are managing their operations with help of hi-tech ERP solution, a large number of companies in the mid-sized and small scale industrial outfits are still running with old-fashioned operational method. When some of them are managing with their business with outdated legacy system others are still work with Excel type worksheets system to manage their complex business affairs.

Reliable, flexible and easy to operate

There are many reasons for these companies not opting for latest ERP system for their operational purpose and one of the reasons are the cost factor. Understanding their need and budget, eresource is offering all its exclusively ERP systems in an economical manner. As there are options to choose from On the Premises and On Cloud with web-based ERP system the investment becomes minimal which is affordable for size of a company. With this minimum investment, companies can enjoy a world class ERP system that could manage all their operational needs flawlessly. With the system implemented all your business operations become automated, which can eliminate all manual error.

Our exclusive Manufacturing ERP system serves a huge number of companies in India and abroad. Chennai and all other major places in Tamil Nadu that houses a number of Small and Medium-sized Business (SMBs) is one of our major destination. There are a large number of companies in Tamil Nadu that are currently operating their business with the help of exlusive eresource ERP systems (eresource Xcel for Manufacturing, eresource Nfra for Construction and Infrastructure, eresource eTrade for trading, eresource LifeScience for Pharmaceuticals etc.).

Eresoruce ERP systems, which are economical, reliable and flexible will surely help your business grow to new heights with a assured return on investment (RoI).

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