Corporate Social Responsibility

In this ever growing and competitive market place, everyone is so occupied in chasing targets, delivering product to customers and most of the organization actually forget that there is a world around us.

At eresource we believe it is important to contribute towards the society, environment, and Country. CSR is an event that we at eresource look forward for. For CSR activity, it is the team of eresource who works unconditionally towards the social cause of the society. It is indeed a great feeling bringing a smile to people's life. It not only gives a sense of inner satisfaction but also pride and contentment. The CSR event in eresource gives us an opportunity to work towards the betterment of the society and make it a better place to live.

Doing whatever possible for the society, our stake holders, our customers has not only taken eresource to a higher level but has also blessed us with long term growth and success.

The poorest part of a country is often the most neglected. Many of the current problems in our rural schools are well known. Most have inadequate infrastructure. Most do not have toilets or reliable electricity. Most of the schools in rural do not have basic infrastructure like school building, classrooms, black boards, proper benches to sit, drinking water, toilet facilities, first aid in case of medical emergency.

eresource has attempted an initiative and we call it "SARVA SHIKSHA PRAYAS". it is an initiative of educating poor children and planting more trees for a greener environment are few events that we do at eresource..



We at eresource also have a "Tree Plantation Drive". The drive is undertaken with a dual objective of promoting the importance of Trees in purifying the air, reducing global warming, preventing soil erosion, conservation of water, maintaining the ecological balance, providing natural resources as medicines etc.



CSR activity gives our team a feeling of unparalleled happiness. Besides, CRS activity has strengthened the bond among our stakeholders and all employees.