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Characteristics of effective ERP Implementation


Its a well known fact that some ERP implementation methods are more effective than others. Here are a few attributes for effective usage.

>> Implement the ERP in its normal form
Don’t try to customize your ERP system at the very beginning. Try to maintain the standard software and organize your strategy likewise.

>> Make improvements which will bring vast advantages quickly
If you are sure that improvements in ERP system will bring benefits quickly, then only go for for the customization. Otherwise, stay with the standard software.

>> Data Migration must be kept at minimum
Keep in mind that migrating data is one of the most time-consuming task. Keep the data migration at minimum, transfer the important data which is absolutely needed and transfer the remaining data later on.

>> Assign a single person for an ERP project
As many of the employees working on the project will be giving their time for implementation as well as routine work, have only a single person who is fully committed to the project.

>> Make use of super user to train the end user
Instead of hiring people from outside to train the user, use your company people itself. It will not only save time of training, but also help saving the cost that would be spent on the outside trainer.

>> Don’t over-exceed your budget limit
Cost control is fundamental on an ERP execution. Watch out for your financial plan and don't exceed the budget if you can’t spend on the implementation.

>> ERP testing is a must
ERP testing essential part of implementation. Ensure your testing program is thoroughly considered and firmly scheduled. Using less time on planned testing basically moves the trial period into the go-live period.

>> Schedule the Go-live date as per the project
ERP implementation is a time consuming process. You must have a timetable and stick to it firmly, yet don't trade off the task by trying to meet the external forced due dates.

>> Communicate, Communicate and Communicate
Ensure that everyone in the organization has every minute detail about the ERP system and its implementation. Every detailed information must flow from upwards as well as downwards. Keeping everybody tuned in is critical for building confidence and motivating them for betterment of the business.