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Purchase Management

Purchase Management module in eresource etrade ERP streamlines procurement of required raw materials, packaging material, sub assembly and other non-inventory materials. It automates the process of identifying potential suppliers, Supplier Evaluation, Supplier Quote Evaluation, awarding purchase order to the supplier and billing.

Purchase Enquiry

Purchase enquiry can be made against Purchase Indent or Direct. Indent is done either against Material Planning or Material requirement.

Purchase Quotation

Purchase quotation page allow you to see all the quotation from different supplier in one page, which will make the comparison of quotations an easy process.

Purchase Order

Primary purpose of this form is to convert demands (purchase requisitions) to purchase orders or delivery schedules for a scheduling agreement and to monitor the fulfillment of these documents. Purchase Order can be placed to the supplier by providing them with item details. Supplier provides the product list with amount details of each item and net amount. The whole information can be viewed through this page.

Purchase Invoice

Purchase Invoice is the exact opposite of Sales Invoice. It is the bill that the Supplier sends for products or services delivered. Here you accrue expenses to your Supplier. Making a Purchase Invoice is very similar to making a Purchase Order. Purchase invoice in eresoure etrade created automatically from order lines or delivery note lines pending invoicing.

Item Supplier Relation

Finding good suppliers and maintaining solid relations with them can be an invaluable tool in the quest for business success and expansion. For surprisingly large number of procurement organizations, suppliers have become an important factor in their planning. eresource etrade makes it convenient to do so.

Item Supplier rate contract

When the rate contract is fixed with supplier then it is possible to generate the direct Purchase Order.

Quotation Comparison

In etrade ERP the Purchase inquiry is generated against Sales Inquiry, but if there are multiple purchase Quotations against that Purchase Inquiry then there is a provision of Quotation Comparison. Using this it became easy to analyze the best quotation.

Direct Purchase order

If supplier already had a fixed rate contract with a dealer, then direct purchase order is made against supplier rate contract.

Purchase order against sales order

It is possible to prepare purchase order against sales order in which the data of sales order could be pulled in purchase order.

Purchase enquiry against sales enquiry

When the Sales Enquiry is generated and stock is not there in warehouse then purchase enquiry is done against sales enquiry. In this case we can directly do a purchase enquiry against the sales inquiry.