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Payroll Management

Payroll management module in eresource etrade ERP streamlines the management of human resource. It routinely maintains a complete employee database including contact information, salary details, attendance, performance evaluation and promotion of employees.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management enables administration of employees' salaries in an organization. The process consists of calculation of salaries and tax deductions of the employees, administrating the retirement benefits and disbursements of salaries to employees. It can also be called as an accounts activity which undertakes the salary administration of employees in the organization.

Employee Self Service

The Employee Self-Service section offers a range of features that employees can use to update and maintain their information. This section has a huge impact on eliminating the paperwork flow that traditionally has been part of the HR functions. The accuracy is also much improved, as the Human Resources officials no longer need to contact the employee to get the correct information.

Statutory Rules

All organizations need to operate and comply with government rules, regulations and frameworks. Be it Factories Act, Labour Laws, TAN & PAN, Income Tax - IT Returns & Form 16, Profession Tax, ESI, Provident fund and Audit & Inspection to name few. All these rules and clauses pertaining to each are quite complex and must to be followed. Statutory Rules section enables you to handle these matters efficiently.

Attendance Management

This section enables you to share information with your staff about your standards for attendance and expectations about the employee’s responsibility regarding attendance and absenteeism. Employees are responsible for making sure they call their supervisor to report absences, attending to personal business outside of business hours.


Organizations need to recruit the right candidates. There are several different steps involved in the recruiting process. The process includes short-listing the application forms, testing, interviewing, reference checks and health exams. Our recruitment section help you to manage complete recruitment process effectively and efficiently.