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ERP for Food manufacturing

ERP for Food Manufacturing can help you to make a quality product

Food and Beverages, the largest industry in the world, is facing tremendous challenges among its competitors. Needless to say, this is one of the industries that has high demand. However, meeting the market demand with quality food supply is a challenging work. Food processing is a sophisticated work with maintaining its taste and quality and above all the hygienic conditions of its manufacturing process.

eresource ERP, which has implemented its ERP solution to a number of Food Processing manufacturing units in and around Mumbai and other places in the country, is a reliable system that plays a leading role in making your Food Manufacturing process quality-oriented.

Unlike other manufacturing sectors, Food Manufacturing process demands constant innovations with a high customer requirements. Right from bulk manufacturers to short cycle produce, it is getting increasingly important to develop new products of superior quality which cater to today's market demands while ensuring compliance to the stringent food safety regulations.

eresource ERP has developed an exclusive ERP system for Food Manufacturing industry that will help the Food Manufacturing units to improve its overall business processes. Being an efficient Food Manufacturing ERP solution, this ERP system fully understands the complex challenges of the industry, and gives the manufacturers a competitive platform to address these challenges in an effective way. eresource Food Manufacturing ERP seamlessly integrates and streamlines your Procurement, Inventory, Product Development, Production Planning & Scheduling, Quality, Costing, Compliance, Accounting, Sales & Distribution, and provides additional utilities of Dashboards and Reports.

Benefits at a glance

    Products confidentiality as per the current market trends.

    Faster and cheaper market exposure than competitors.

    Compliance to the food safety regulations.

    Optimum material utilization and inventory management.

    Delivering safe products of superior quality at the right price and right time.

    Gain customer loyalty and repeat business.

    Control costs through reduced wastage.

    Bi-directional traceability, from the raw material to the finished product.

    Improve the operational efficiency.

    Real-time data access of Production, Sales and Distribution.

    Forecast sales orders and convert orders into production plan.

Food Manufacturing Model View

    >>  Customer Relationship (CRM)
Bill of Material Management
Material Production Scheduling
Material Requirement Planning
Purchase Management
Production Management
Quality Control & Assurance
Jobwork Management
Plant Maintenance Management
Account & Finance
Human Resource Management