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Contractors are in need of an effective ERP system

In a project-based Industry, it is the general contractor are responsible for overseeing the construction work and managing all of the resources needed to complete the project. Contractors manage and track the finances, operations, progress and profitability of the project. While this is possible to do with internal processes and specialized tools for particular tasks, an intelligent and powerful ERP system is what Contractors need to increase efficiency and improve profitability. Over and above to create an accurate and better estimates on Construction projects, Contractors need a powerful ERP system. An intelligently integrated ERP system such as eresource nfra would help manage your contracting projects very successfully..

It is also important for Contractors in the Project-based industries to save time and effort and get off to a running start by using their estimate as the basis for your project. When you implement this intelligent ERP system for Contractors, you will be able to use your estimate data and cost codes for your cost tracking, and create a project log and purchase orders without re-entering information With eresource nfra ERP system for Contractors in place, all of your project documentation from contact information and schedules, tasks and events to project logs and change orders is stored in a single location and available for access from all authorized project team members from any location with an Internet connection.

eresource NFRA ERP system helps you to get Accurate job cost account, easy and timely information on various reports. There are lot of other benefits that this Contracting ERP system can provide you. This is one of the best ERP system that will make your organization more organized and efficient. It can help you win more bids and improve your customer relationships.

Following are some areas where eresource nfra ERP for contractors can do much more expected.

Enquiry Tracking


Project Management

Document Management

Contact Management

Financial Accounting


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