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In a changing business environment, manufacturing ERP system 'eresource Xcel' could make business life easy
The world is changing rapidly in every aspect. So when the world changes everything changes, even the way doing business. Technological changes in business operations are making the world a better place to do business in more convenient way.

eresource nfra, much more than an ERP system for Construction industry
Construction and infrastructure projects are always a complex mission and therefore a software to manage these projects would naturally hold its complex nature reflecting on it.

eresource Xcel, a Manufacturing ERP system with excellent performance
When eresource stepped into ERP system development, manufacturing industry is the first vertical that has been served with an effective ERP solution. As time moved on eresource has became number one Manufacturing ERP solution available in this country.

Innovation is a never-ending process with eresource ERP
eresource with its new innovations and industry-specific exclusive ERP system for every industrial verticals getting wide acceptance in the ERP market. Our Cloud ERP products are leading the way in providing a better user experience In terms of implementation and customization.

eresource Xcel helps manufacturing industry on increased productivity
ERP system provides invaluable services to manufacturing industry and its users in various forms. The system helps improve companies' performance to its optimum level and increase the confidence level of users which brings double benefit to the business process and the organization all together.

eresource Xcel ERP helps manufacturing industry overcome business challenges
Normally what makes ERP implementation more complex is its budget and schedule slippage. A survey conducted shows almost 50 per cent ERP projects that have implemented during the last few years had run over budget and deadline. Therefore, misappropriate schedule or delayed implementation can result in over-budgeting.

eresource is a fully integrated, mobile and dynamic ERP solution
eresource ERP, with its new additions in each every industry verticals, is now providing users the opportunity to access their data anywhere, on any mobile device.

Different industries work in different way, so each industry needs its own ERP
The main advantage of an eresource ERP system is to provide the accurate information across different sections and departments that makes the system so valuable to to the organization. With the implementation of ERP system in companies, earlier system of manual process have been replaced by more accurate and flawless way of operations.

Implement an ERP that is best-of-breed and best-for-business
In today's highly competitive business world, industries need a strong and reliable software application that will support their complete business process. In this scenario, web-based eresource ERP is becoming a driving force for these companies.

eresource gives its customers what they want
eresource ERP solutions from eresource Infotech are totally a web-based ERP solution and cover everything needed to run an organization irrespective of size of a company.

eresource's Preventive Maintenance System: backbone of Oil and Gas Industry
It has been proved beyond any doubt that a well-chosen and intelligently implemented, Preventive Maintenance System can make more economic sense. This is because preventive maintenance is doing the minimal routine work necessary to ensure the equipment remains in proper operating condition.

Intelligently integrated Business Intelligence makes eresource an intelligent ERP
Enormous amount of data is one of the major issues that many companies are struggling to handle today. This is because many of these companies are 'oversoftwared' presently, and unless they come out of this tangled situation by implementing an enterprise solution that could handle data intelligently with an efficiently integrated with BI (business intelligence) module, they are going to be backtracked in their effort to revive their business strategies.

Enhanced ERP system from eresource helping Life Sciences
Technology savvy business leaders from the Life Science field are adopting new technologies that directly align and support their more nimble business strategies. They are leveraging cloud solutions to gain greater business agility, faster deployments and predictable investments.

ERP, an indispensable system for business success
Pharmaceutical Industry is the one that always in challenging mode. This is because health is the most precious factor that a life is depend on. As it is said, when wealth is lost something is lost, but when health is lost everything is lost. Therefore contribution of pharmaceutical industry to the nation must be viewed with most respect.

eresource, business intelligence tool that enables better forecasting
Business today can succeed only if it has a powerful forecasting solution and ERP is undoubtedly the best solution for a better forecasting. It will be better if organizations realize without accurate forecasting, businesses can't always deliver on the promise.

ERP system can help companies minimize manufacturing cost
Over the years, eresource has become an acceptable ERP solution in Indian manufacturing sector, especially in the SMB segment. Eresource has been concentrating more on this sector because manufacturing sector goes far beyond the direct contribution to national product and employment.

Implement ERP and make your business technology-oriented
We are living in the technological era. To be successful in this era, every organization need to be a technology-driven one. ERP Software or Enterprise Resource Planning being an essential business application, ignoring or down-sizing the usage of this marvelous technological advancement can backfire the growth of a business organization.

Modern ERP systems can provide greater working freedom
As the ERP market got matured in India, there were speculation that a few large ERP software companies would dominate the industry. However, with the advent of more affordable ERP solutions such as eresource, manufacturing companies in SME sector in India has started benefitting greatly.

eresource, the new generation ERP system
Organizations are thinking and preparing for the future technology, which will take their business to new heights. However, how to define, deploy and manage the technology and business services are really a matter of concern for everyone.

Select the right ERP system for manufacturing company
When a manufacturing company plans an enterprise system implementation, the primary motivations are business transformation, Business process harmonization and the technology upgrade which ultimately does the replacement of the legacy system.

eresource ERP SaaS model - economically viable, operationally scalable
eresource ERP SaaS model delivers everything you need to run your business better. Purchase the product suites that you require, and eresource delivers the quality and reliability you need to run your business. eresource Cloud ERP system can be customized as per your requirement and operates just like an on-premise solution. Economically viable and operationally scalable eresource Cloud ERP system is unique in its own way. You have to feel it to believe it. Call us today for a FREE demo.

eresource ERP System for Manufacturing: Low investment and high quality
eresource's manufacturing ERP software is the most economical and effective manufacturing ERP system available in Indian market today. The Web-based eresource ERP for Manufacturing is a comprehensive industry-specific ERP software developed exclusively for Indian manufacturing companies.

ERP Software Price: Some facts and figures
When an organization plans to implement an ERP Software the first thing that comes to consideration is how much the implementation is going to cost. Number of enquiries we receive every day through phone calls and emails demands price of ERP Software.

Businesses in India march ahead. From what is an ERP to which ERP?
Over the years the concept of an ERP System has witnessed massive changes in the business arena. From the question what is an ERP to the questions asked by majority of the business community today is which ERP to be implemented?

eresource Cloud ERP brings immediate and real business benefits
eresource's Cloud ERP system is getting much acceptance among mid-sized companies as a reliable enterprise application, and the customers opting for this system Is increasing gradually every day. Considering the efficient working mode of this software coupled with minimum investment and advantages of easy deployment method, it is not a surprise its popularity is skyrocketing in the ERP market.

eresource ERP stimulates business operations in real-time workplace
eresource ERP system is built around industry best practices, which stimulates the operating procedures in a real-world workplace. While all established companies would like to follow the best practices procedures, in some of the ERP products the real-world practices have evolved to suit the unique business requirements of the particular organization, which ultimately results in mismatch of both these procedures.

SMEs are the most aggressive adopters of eresource ERP
The way ERP system was used by organizations taking a rapid change. Initially an ERP solution was mostly preferred by manufacturing organizations only. And that too for the Finance and Accounting, Sales and Distribution, Materials Management/Purchase process. Lately they have included Plant Maintenance, HR, Transportation and Service modules for easy operational process.

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In order for a software system to be considered ERP, it must provide an organization with functionality for two or more systems.


ERP SaaS Model

With the eresource SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, the system is becoming a popular choice among the SMEs in India Go to details

  • Implement ERP without any investment
  • Big bonanza for small and medium sized industries
  • Log onto your ERP system from anywhere
  • No capital investment
  • No Hardware cost
  • No IT ream needed to maintain the system
  • No maintenance hassle
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