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Department wise Material Consumption
File Type: Excel Format Price: $ 3.00 USD

The material consumption report contains the information about the materials consumed by various Production Departments / Cost Centers. The data collected thru such report is useful for product costing purpose. ..more



Stock Variance
File Type: Excel Format Price: $ 3.00 USD

Physical Stock Taking is an important exercise in Effective Inventory Management. You can Put the Physical Stock Taken in the above format and Compare with the Stocks as per the Stock Register or Bin Card. By using this report, you can highlight the variances in the Stock as per Books and the Physical Stock available. ..more



Stock Register
File Type: Excel Format Price: $ 3.00 USD

The Stock Register is maintained to maintain the records of all the movements of materials. The difference in Bin Card V/s Stock Register is that, the Bin Card is maintained for a single product, whereas the Stock Register is maintained for all the products. In other words it is a summary of all the Bin Cards meant for all the products. This report is of immense importance for any organization as the management gets the report of Stock of all the items at a glance. ..more



Bin Card
File Type: Excel Format Price: $ 3.00 USD

The Bin Card format is meant for maintaining the details of Receipts and Issues of the materials. Further this format contains the key information about the materials such as Maximum Stock to be held, Minimum stock to be maintained , Re-order Level of the Stock etc. This objective of maintaining the Bin Card is manifold. Management can know the Quantity in Stock at any given point of time. Further by knowing the Stock Levels, the management can plan the Working Capital Requirements ..more



Requisition Slip
File Type: Excel Format Price: $ 3.00 USD

Material Management involves the proper recording of movement of Materials. The above format can be used to record the materials issued to various departments in your organization. By using the above format of materials requisition and issues will stop any unauthorized and unjustified usage of materials. ..more



Goods Receipt Note
File Type: Excel Format Price: $ 3.00 USD

This format contains the information about the goods / materials received at your premises. You can prepare the detailed note of the goods received at your premises by using the above format. Further you can account for and make the payment to the suppliers based on the " Qty Accepted" as provided in the above format. ..more




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