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Browser based ERP system suits today's business process

Brower based ERP system You may ask - what makes eresource ERP different from other ERP software available in the market? The first and foremost reason being that eresource is an Indian browser based ERP software developed exclusively for the Indian market, especially the Small and Medium scale Enterprises.

Looking at the contribution made by the SMEs in the Indian manufacturing industry, eresource felt it is necessary to provide them with a suitable business application that will ease their operational methods and bring growth to the industry. A browser based ERP solution will be an ideal solution to suit their needs and budget as eresource ERP needs a limit financial investment.

There was a time when implementation of ERP solution was a long lost dream for many of the SMEs in India. They never imaged implementation of ERP could be within their reach in near future. But introduction of an affordable low-cost browser based ERP by eresource was a dream comes true for the Indian SMEs. The reason why we have come out with this kind of a solution is that if Indian SMEs could perform tremendously with the limited resources they have, they can also bring miracles in the industry

We were sure that the implementation web-based browser supported eresource ERP will definitely change the way they work and also it can make the impact on their production sector, in both quality and quantity wise.

Another matter of success with browser based eresource ERP is its quick implementation. Unlike other ERP systems, browser based eresource ERP system could be brought into action within a limit time as its implementation process takes a minimum time. When the conditions are approved by an organization the system could be deployed to its operational level within 90 days of time. That is a record time period when considering other ERP systems implementation process.

Over and above, eresource Infotech serves all our ERP customers directly, unlike some ERP vendors who have a strategy to serve the large client directly whilst, directing SMEs to their re-sellers or consultants. Though our client list too include many large enterprises, when it comes to business we are impartial. That's our policy practice, indeed.

Contact our sales team if you would like to know more about eresource ERP Solutions India. Call us today: +91 22 41118000 / 8049 (50 lines)

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