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eresource ERP is designed with operation efficiency in mind. Operational efficiency requires a system that addresses every aspect of your business. It helps to cut costs, enables quick market presence of the product, improve customer relation and comply with regulations.


Quality Control section with its integrated sophisticated Quality Control / Module which not only monitors quality by control plans in purchasing and production but also provides real-time process capability index for quick review.


ERP for Batch Manufacturing

Batch manufacturing ERP for a better business process

WHEN a product is made from a formula or recipe in a standard run or lot size determined by vessel size or standard run length it is the known as batch manufacturing. Pharmaceuticals, food processing, Fermented beverages and paint industries are some some of industrial segments that are following the batch manufacturing process.

Apart from these segments batch production is also common in bakeries, manufacturing of sports shoes and adhesives. In the manufacture of inks and paints, a technique called a colour-run is used. A colour-run is where one manufactures the lightest colour first, such as light yellow followed by the next increasingly darker colour such as orange, then red and so on until reaching black and then starts over again. This minimizes the cleanup and reconfiguring of the machinery between each batch. The chemical, tire, and process industry segment uses a combination of batch and process manufacturing depending the product and plant.

The objective for batch manufacturing is to process work orders with a batch quantity that corresponds to a batch bill of material and to use these orders for MRP processing. Just as the bill type uniquely defines a bill of material, you can use the batch quantity with bill type to further define a unique bill.

In the batch manufacturing method some restrictions on capacity determine the size of the batch produced. For example, you might need to fill the vats to a certain level for the process to perform properly. Addition to this the system specifically defines the component quantities for the batch.

The advantages of batch productions are several. As a single production line can be used to produce several products in a batch manufacturing process, it reduces initial investment cost.. Moreover batch production can be very useful for small businesses who cannot afford to run continuous production lines. If the product brought by a retailer does not get desire market response, then the producer can cease production without having to sustain huge losses. The process of batch production is also useful for companies that makes seasonal items, products for which it is difficult to forecast demand, a trial run for production, or products that have a high profit margin.

eresource ERP system is designed to give end-users access to information that is required carry out the work effectively in a batch manufacturing process. Our ERP software solution provides a compelling gateway for information users who need to carry out their jobs more effectively and assist them with decision support. It makes use of a personalization paradigm to allow each user's experience to be tailored to their specific role by filtering out information overload.

Real-time access to data and an easy to use interface make eresource ERP solution for batch manufacturing a unique ERP system can give an upper hand in your business activities that would ultimately make your organization a better placed position with your competitors in the same field. With eresource ERP for batch manufacturing, a highly efficient ERP system with lowest investment is within the reach of any type of industrial outfit. Just give us a call for more details.

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ERP SaaS Model

With the eresource SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, the system is becoming a popular choice among the SMEs in India Go to details

  • Implement ERP without any investment
  • Big bonanza for small and medium sized industries
  • Log onto your ERP system from anywhere
  • No capital investment
  • No Hardware cost
  • No IT ream needed to maintain the system
  • No maintenance hassle
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