The most affordable ERP system in India

The most affordable ERP system in India

To achieve manufacturing excellence, you need to have an effective and efficient enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implemented in your organization. There is no second opinion that no other ERP than eresource ERP can offer the breadth and depth of support for order-driven, project-based discrete manufacturing industry.

eresource ERP covers all your requirements. From make-to-stock to engineer-to-order and from flow line technology to lean manufacturing, it caters all the needs. It also enables you to elevate customer service levels from acquisition though manufacturing and subsequent service and maintenance with full product life cycle management.

eresource ERP system helps companies to improve operational efficiency. It enhances performance and scalability. This ERP software system also enables organizations improve communication and collaboration apart from increasing productivity and reducing the costs.

eresource gives extensive support for discreet manufacturing operations with extending its functionalities to finance, sales, purchasing and manufacturing into freight management, warehouse management and aftermarket service support.

eresource ERP, India’s most sought after web-based enterprise resource solution has an easy to implement methodology and it is one of the most affordable systems in the Indian market today.

eresource is an ideal solution to manage the complexities of standardized, process-driven manufacturing and distribution in high volume/repetitive environments. Inventory management with dynamic weights and measures and product pricing for consumer markets are enabled. Improved performance for pharmaceutical, chemical, manufacturing, fleet management, construction, modular kitchen and automotive industries are a guaranteed result.

eresource ERP delivers comprehensive, customer responsive support. It also helps you take control with industry-specific functionality, advanced workflow technology, shared service capabilities, enhanced configurability and choice of integrated financials.

With scalability for future growth, companies seeking excellent performance will benefit from this powerful, proven ERP solution. Rest assured.