Real-time business has become cost-effective

Real-time ERP for Business Performance

Cost management is always a tricky problem for SMBs. Enterprise resource planning solution plays an important role in cost management. eresource, one of the leading ERP solution which is proved to be the most effective web-enabled ERP solution in India, is an ideal solution to comply with cost management.

Quick decision making is needed for a successful management of an organization with its cost management factor. Application modules such as business intelligence and business analytics tools are being integrated into eresource ERP systems in order to facilitate better, accurate and quicker decision-making.

Organizations have realized that in order to maximize the value of the information stored in their ERP systems it is also necessary to extend these ERP architectures to include more advanced reporting, and analytical and decision support capabilities.

Integration of information tools with the eresource ERP packages provides a detailed information delivery solution. Almost all technology today is focused on compressing to zero the amount of time it takes to acquire and use information, to learn, to make decisions, to initiate action, to deploy resources and to innovate.

When action and response are simultaneous, we are in real-time. Imagine the competitive edge you could gain by compressing time-to-market, increasing the speed of innovation, streamlining manufacturing and personalizing customer relationships at every point contact.

This strategy requires the ability to discover and act on important business intelligence in real-time. Today, real-time business has finally become cost-effective because of the convergence of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, business intelligence and the Internet.

To take the full advantage of an ERP system investment, just integrating the system with the business intelligence front-end not enough, the system must also to be made a web-enabled one. When a Web-based interface is provided to the information in the business intelligence system, the World Wide Web becomes an enterprise information utility for employees, partners, suppliers and customers.