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ERP user manual provides step-by-step instructions

ERP User Manual In our Library section we have provided a comprehensive guide on eresource ERP. Categorizing module and industry wise, this section will help all the users of our ERP system in a big way. The purpose of this ERP User Manual is to provide a detailed description of eresource ERP functions. Our user guide is prepared with utmost care and provides step-by-step instructions.

It is true that to keep pace with the current competitive business world organizations must be implemented with an effective ERP system and it will be very risky from the client side to reject ERP based on poor readiness audit results. To sustain competitiveness ERP cannot be substituted by fragmented legacy systems. The only way out is the proper reengineering program for ERP adoption.

Our ERP user manual shows how a blue print should be drawn with details of migration and other things and scientific analysis of 'to be adoption' and its phase-execution. The activities for the overall implementation program should be planned with time units. The consulting firms overlook the time required for data collection and policy decisions on master's settings. ERP master setting can be regarded as the heart of ERP implementation.

When considering ERP implementation, sufficient time must be allocated to identify, clarify, validate and simulate the exact information about all the master level entries. You will be guided thoroughly in this subject though our ERP user guide. Normally such exercise is the only opportunity for the companies to do for their life time better performance. It will not be false to say that an organization of size more than 1000 crores should take at least three months to set Item Master. . No consulting company or the client will agree on such figures in today's jet age. The idea is to implement ERP quickly and to start utilizing it.

Other important element is the parallel user training and knowledge upgrading. The best practice what eresource recommend is to provide the users with exclusive ERP training. Keeping the importance of ERP training in mind, eresource provided the users with the best ERP training you never imagined of, especially when you have no idea or clue for such concepts.

Our ERP User Manual elaborates the following benefits of ERP:

  • ERP enables improved business performance through cycle time reduction. Cycle time is the time available at each station for the performance of the work allocated or the time elapsing between completed units coming of an assembly line. It also helps in increased business agility, inventory reduction and order fulfillment improvement.

  • ERP supports business growth requirements through new products/product lines, new customers, global requirements including multiple languages and currencies.

  • ERP provides flexible, integrated, real-time decision support in improving responsiveness across the organization.

  • ERP eliminates the limitations of the legacy system such as fragmentation of data and process, inflexibility to change and insupportable technologies.

  • ERP takes advantage of the untapped mid-market (medium size organizations) through increased functionality at a reasonable cost.

Contact our sales team if you would like to know more about eresource ERP. Call us today: +91 22 41118000 / 8049 (50 lines)

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