ERP for strategic and technical solution

ERP for Strategic and Technical Solution:

need to make a substantial Investment in an ERP system in terms of capital investment, as well as from the recurring annual expenditure. The company, therefore, would like to ensure that the investment in ERP is a right decision. In that process, there may be chances of some questions arising from the members of the decision making team. These questions are reasonable. Why ERP and why not custom built software? And this, followed by which ERP out of the host of ERP packages available in the market.

Some companies see ERP as a technical solution, whereas some others view it as a strategic solution. Whether it is seen as a technical or a strategic solution, eresource is the suitable ERP system to match both these solution.

Here are the highlights of eresource ERP:

  • Best industry practices of the respective industry are put into the eresource ERP solution.
  • Since this ERP solution provides an integrated environment, it provides an opportunity to see the whole company as one unit.
  • Better control on the company’s information flow.
    Integrating several old ad hoc systems into one single information system and thereby, reducing the costs of maintenance of the same.
  • Easy to replace systems for situations where the old systems are bulky and cannot be upgraded further.

If the company sees ERP as a technical solution, the main reason for changing over is that its present information systems are too old. Many companies will use systems that were developed in-house and are especially adapted for the company. Most of the companies have several systems developed by different vendors. The capacity of these systems is often not enough or they cannot be upgraded because they are not supported anymore.

For large enterprises, it is very difficult to get a general overview of its organization. This can be simplified with eresource ERP system where everybody works according to the same routine. This concern especially today’s more and more globalized companies. Web-based eresource ERP system gives opportunities to rationalize and develop the organization. This ERP system may be seen as a tool to obtain information that can be important when forming the company’s future strategies.