ERP Software Price: Some facts and figures

ERP Software Price When an organization plans to implement an ERP Software the first thing that comes to consideration is how much the implementation is going to cost. Number of enquiries we receive every day through phone calls and emails demands price of ERP Software. There are some important factors to be considered before finalizing the cost of ERP Software implementation.

This is because ERP Software is developed as the industry specific requirement. Therefore ERP software price is always negotiable as each company’s requirement differs from others. The final pricing of ERP Software will depend on what is recommend for each company’s requirement which will make the operations of their business process much easier.

What we would like to remind our potential customers is that the price of ERP implementation cannot be calculated on a flat rate basis like any other Software available in the market. ERP Software should not be treated like any other Software that can be purchased directly from the vendors and installed in your computer system. Developing an ERP system needs lot of studies and research. Each company requirement and operation methods have to be scrutinized before a plan is laid on the drawing board, which ultimately get into the hands of development team for further process that comes into alive with an operation module of an ERP system.

In the process of development if the system a lot of attention has been paid to make the system more powerful with all necessary elements running efficiently that makes sure the system is working 100 per cent effectively.

While considering the final pricing of an ERP implementation, all these factors must be taken into consideration. The size of the company with its users and branches also is one of the factors that to be considered while finalizing the price of an ERP Software.

Customers should also realize that price of ERP Software cost should also include consideration for the rest of the implementation costs that will be incurred. Software license fees are also part of the total cost to implement and ERP software solution.

Despite all the above facts, eresource ERP has been developed with majority of the Indian SMEs in mind. This factor has been included not only in our development method but also the pricing of our system, which makes the system the most affordable ERP Software in the Indian market today. Being a Web-based ERP solution eresource is also the highly preferred ERP system among various industry verticals in the country.

Having said this, we must also admit that an ERP Software always be in the higher side when the price list appears. Then everyone knows that you can’t get an elephant for the price of a goat.