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ERP Software for Fire Fighting Industry

Is it really necessary for fire fighting firms to implement an ERP system? The answer is simple yes. It is because these firms are responsible for helping thousands of business houses, families and assets from all kind of fire hazards. However, unless these fire fighting firms are not supported by latest technology systems, there are chances that these companies may lag behind in their service and maintenance which can lead to poor performance of equipments.

eresource, one of the pioneers in ERP solution has been come out with a ideal ERP solution for Fire fighting firms. This ERP product which has named as eresource Nfra can make all the procedural work of an Fire safety firm quick, easy and flawless.

A systematic system

Systematically laid out dashboard of our ERP system makes every operation an easy task for the users. Intelligently integrated modules will help all the operations in your business more transparent and customer friendly.

Customer Management and other tasks like the following will become an easy affair when eresource Nfra will be implemented as your business application.

The system will allow you to supervise the maintenance of all fire safety works in the premises.
ERP system ensures at all times that the occupant load of any part of any building does not exceed the capacity prescribed under the Fire Code.
The system conduct daily checks within the premises and remove or cause to be removed any fire hazard that is found within the premises.
It will prepare an Emergency Response Plan for the premises and conduct.
Fire drill alert message will be send out for the occupants annually as may be stipulated in the fire safety.

As all the business houses all over the world is on a transitional mode with deployment of latest technology applications, a state of the art fire protection equipment plant must be deployed with an intelligent and efficient ERP system like resource Nfra to ensure superior products.

Produce high quality equipment

Your equipment must have high quality because many lives depend on what your company produces. Also the fire fighting equipment and systems you install, service and maintain do so much more beside – like safeguarding premises, businesses, livelihoods, insurance policies and, of course, money. It is therefore to have a flawless process, which not only safeguard thousands of lives but also make your company make a steady growth.

eresource Nfra ERP system developed by eresource Infotech , Mumbai is an award-winning ERP company. eresource Nfra ERP system can help you maximize your planning, performance, productivity and profitability, while minimizing any inefficiency, administration and hassle.

eresource is a specialized ERP system developers that serves various industry verticals. Our specialized ERP service in the field of Fire fighting by providing exclusive ERP software that will revolutionize the way fire safety and protection field service companies plan and deliver their schedules, and utilize their resources.

For more information and live demo on Fire Fighting ERP system, please call us or write to us.